Personality Assessment

Essential Colors Personality Assessment

Essential Colors Personality Assessment is a five-column word sort that was uniquely crafted by Dr. Sabrina Jackson. The test is for everyone ranging from elementary to working professional. The test takes 4-7 mins depending on the person and lets you know all four colors. The test follows with a 10-page detailed report for $15.
Learn How You Are Wired.

Training Sessions


Encompassing a wide range of activities, from problem solving to strengthening capacities that promote a culture of team growth both internally and publicly.

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Diversity / Sensitivity

Guiding your business or specific teams through safe, compassionate, empathetic, non-shaming and inspirational dialogues and education to bridge gaps.

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Conflict Resolution

A long-term, systemic approach to peacebuilding that tackles both current and acute conflicts aimed at both resolving existing concerns and avoiding future conflicts.

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As expert parental counselors, we work with parents and their children in discovering their full potential and making the entire family atmosphere interesting and stimulating.

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We help recruit talented individuals, develop future leaders, track performance, build career opportunities by providing learning platforms for unrivaled growth.

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Essential Lovestyles

Connecting with other humans to not only understand how they are wired but also teach them how to deal with people wired differently, be it, friends or family.

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Customer Service

Providing proactive and quick assistance to consumers for client growth and engagement via their preferred channel, be it on the phone, email, text, chat, and more.

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Colors Breakdown



Blue Social, Compassionate. Insightful. Inspiring. [all about people]. Communicating | Helping | Teaching | Relationships [works well with others]



Orange Charming. Witty. Impulsive. Ambitious. [all about action]. Negotiating | Risk Taking |Trouble Shooting [works well under pressure]



Gold Dependable. Honest. Loyal. Organized. [all about order]. Planning | Supervising | Budgeting | Recording [works well with procedure]



Green Capable. Questioning. Cool. Calm. Collected. [all about ideas]. Creating | Observing | Inventing | Analyzing | [works well with facts] [works facts]



T.R.U.T.H is a process. Conflict consulting for business to help your team improve commmunication.


Remove barriers to learning.

Faith Based

Melodies from Heaven. Rain down on Meeeeee.

Sports Teams

Great Teams Communicate better than others. Create synergy.


Essential Lovestyles and Parent Relationships are full of love and laughter.


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Our Clients Say

"Communication is essential in every area of our life."

Marcel Smith Co-Owner

"Essential Colors helped me learn how to deal with my husband and children which makes it easy to have peace in the house."

DHS Foster Parent

"Essential Colors training is exciting, full of energy, and the presenters are knowledgeable. This training far exceeded my expectations and would recommend it to everyone."

Charter School Teacher

“The essential colors training, allowed the city council members to laugh and learn about their colleagues.”

Brenda Jones President of City Council

“This training was the best diversity training out of all because the information was so immediate for them to understand.”

Mike Renda General Manager of Fox 2 Detroit

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