About Us

Our Goal Isto Spread

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Who Is Essential Colors!

Essential Colors is a minority-owned conflict consulting firm geared to fill a void in organizational culture. Essential Colors was founded by Dr. Sabrina Jackson in 2005 and has been used all over the world. Essential Colors is now co-owned by Dr.Sabrina Jackson and Marcel Smith (son). Essential Colors teaches people tools that they will be able to use in the workplace, church, and at the dinner table- and still be understood. After using our services, you can expect to see improved performance, increased productivity, work culture, diversity & inclusion, effective communication, and relationships as you choose to live life in color.

Our Mission

Essential Colors Mission is striving to be the leader in the instruction of how people can effectively communicate. We are hoping to help people understand how they are wired, help people find T.R.U.T.H. Take Personal Inventory, Recognize their strength and weaknesses, Understand others, Tap Into others and self, and Honor differences. We are on a mission to change how people communicate with others.

Our Vision

Essential Colors vision is to become the world’s language for understanding people and effectively communicating in all facets of life.
No matter who you are, you can improve your communication skills. -SabrinaJackson

What Do We Do?

This Personality self-assessment model helps create a language that everyone uses that is not punitive. Essential Colors identifies individual strengths and provide key tools of how each color impacts the ability to communicate amongst others. The Model is based on four colors that describe different parts your personality.

Our History

The Model was created by Sabrina Jackson in 2005 when she left True Colors International. She had a bigger vision to connect personality typing that dates back to B.C. to all areas of life. She used several past scholars work or books to help inspire her own model such as The Bible, Myers-Briggs, True Colors Intl, and more. So she birthed Essential Colors, personality assessment model that seeks to activate the whole you. The model has been used all over the world such as Japan, the United Nations, President Bush Administration, McDonalds, Tom Joyner Cruise, Church Conventions, and more. But in 2016, when her son Marcel Smith graduated with his MBA joined the company, things went to another level. Essential Colors became its own LLC owned by Dr. Sabrina Jackson and Marcel Smith jointly and launched the Spirit of Detroit Project in 2019 while having its personality assessment be available online as well. The team has big plans for the future. Rest in Peace Rhonda Curry, her spirit lives inside this company.

Our Clients